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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Training Changes

Hi All,
Please see below the alterations to training over the next two weeks due to Competitions.
Regional 1 & 2
Friday 24th April - 19:00 - 20:00 (Just one hour)
Sunday 26th April - No Training (Harrogate Spa Town Meet)
Monday 27th April - No AM Training (All off to recover from the weekends competitions)

Friday 1st May - 19:00 - 20:00 (Just one hour)
Sunday 3rd May - No Training (Harrogate Spa Town Meet)
Monday 4th May - No AM or PM Training (All off to recover from two weekends of competing)

Any swimmers who usually train with Josh (Long Course) on a Monday morning and only attend one morning a week should attend Thursday morning instead.

The Regional Team

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Harrogate Spa Town Meet 2015

Hi All,


Below are the arrival times for those swimmers competing this weekend at Harrogate


Harrogate Spa Town Meet

The draft programme can be viewed by clicking the following link:

Harrogate Draft Programme


Event Schedule


Saturday 25th April (Session 1)

Arrive: 12:00

Warm Up: 12:30

Start: 13:30

Saturday 25th April (Session 2)

Arrive: 17:00

Warm Up: 17.30

Start: 18:30

Sunday 26th April (Session 3)

Arrive: 09:30
Warm Up: 10:00
Start: 11:00

Sunday 26th April (Session 4)

Arrive: 14:15
Warm Up: 14:45
Start: 15:45


Regional 1 are to report to Kevin and Regional 2 are to report to Josh on Saturday and Jonny on Sunday.

Good Luck to everyone competing.  




The Regional Team

City of Leeds Development Meet Spring 2015

Saturday 25th April 2015

Arrive: 12:45
Warm-Up:  13:15
Start:  14:00


Two hand touches on FLY & BR turns!
No looking for the wall on Backstroke MAKE SURE YOU KNOW YOUR COUNTS at RACE SPEED!
Get your head down in the last 5m on FC!
Tight streamlining makes you go faster!

Good Luck to everyone competing, get chasing those Yorkshire times.

Swimmers are to report to Jonny Woodford who will be looking after the Regional swimmers.

The Regional Team

Arena League Final

Sunday 26th April

Arrive: 05:45

Leave JCCS: 06:00 

Access to the pool is not until Midday therefore warm up will be 12.15pm.

There will be a scheduled stop on the way down,  it is advised for parents that food/drinks are brought along for the journey and also for whilst at the pool and on the way home as catering is limited.

Swimmers must travel too and from the competition in Club Kit.  Parents are encouraged to wear Blue or Yellow Tshirts in support of the team

Estimated time to be back at JCCS is 8.00-8.30pm, dependent on traffic.


Any problems/queries Emma is happy to be contacted on 07812353820


Have a super day and good luck!!

The Regional Team

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Sunday 19th April - Training Cancelled

Hi All,


Please note due to a booking in the Aquatics Centre there will be no training this Sunday 19th April….enjoy a nice relaxing Sunday off!


The Regional Team

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

City of Leeds B Grade 2015

Hi All,
Just a reminder that entries for the City of Leeds B Grade Meet will be taken on theMonday 27th April.  The aim of this meet is to achieve as many Winter Yorkshire qualifying times as possible.  You should enter all events you have not got Yorkshire qualifying times in.  Any events you have already achieved Yorkshire times in you do not need to enter.  This meet is a great opportunity for all swimmers who attend Thursday mornings to attempt the longer distance events. 

Winter Yorkshire Events to Target
9 Yrs = All 50's & 100 IM
10 Yrs = All 50's & 100 IM
11 Yrs + = All 100's & 200 IM

9 Yrs = All 50's & 100 IM
10 Yrs + = All 100's & 200 IM

ASANER Age Group Championships 2015

Hi All,


Entries for the North Eastern's will be taken on Monday 27th April.  Swimmers should enter ALL events they have qualified for.  This is one of the harder competitions in the Regional calendar to qualify for and anyone who has achieved a time (even if it is only in one event) should swim.  This meet is a fantastic opportunity to compete against the fastest swimmers in the North East.


We will be available to sign forms after training.  We will be unable to sign forms on Monday pm as we will be coaching from 4.30pm onwards, so please get your forms signed early.
Anyone who is competing at Harrogate can check if they have achieved a long course NER time by using the calculator below to convert your times from short course to long course:
Swimming Converter


North Eastern Qualifying times and entry forms can be printed using the links below
NER Qualifying Times
Entry Form


Please make every effort to achieve 100% attendance in the run up to THE BIG ONE!


It's how you prepare months before in the training pool that will determine your performance at the main event.  Your ruthless attendance, quality and consistency of your training will serge you forward's to a result you will be happy with!


The Regional Team

Saturday, 11 April 2015

200m Max Kick Test & 15m Underwater Fly Kick Test Results

Hi All,

Here are the results from this months kick test.  PB's are highlighted in green.  The next kick test will be held on Monday 4th May.  

All times from the start of the season can be viewed using the link below.

Well Done!!
The Regional Team

Regional 1 200m FS Kick
Ella B 03:18.43
Louis 03:21.39
Joanna 03:25.36
Mia 03:28.04
Maxim 03:33.81
Elizabeth 03:37.79
George 03:45.74
Emilio 03:47.59
Isabelle  03:48.67
Freddie 03:51.13
Joe 03:51.72
Jacob G 03:52.51
Charlie 03:52.51
Finlay 03:52.69
Eve 03:52.95
Faith  03:54.55
Charlotte B 04:03.17
Thomas Sp 04:04.39
Millie Mc 04:05.19
Evie 04:11.45
Lucy S 04:20.32
William 04:23.34
Alexandra 04:25.72
Hugo 04:31.93
Lillia  04:33.24
Aimee 04:34.72
Charlotte K  04:46.09
Harrison  04:51.93
Luke 06:34.52
Tom Absent
Leah Absent
Matthew W Absent
Zak Absent
Alex Absent
Thomas K Absent
Chloe Sick
Regional 1 15m U/W
Isabelle  8.84
Louis 8.89
Ella B 9
Faith  9.69
Joanna 9.78
George 9.86
Freddie 10.09
Charlie 10.16
Maxim 10.28
Jacob G 10.35
Mia 10.52
Millie Mc 10.53
Alexandra  10.53
Emilio 10.67
William 10.68
Evie 10.68
Thomas Sp 10.87
Joe 10.98
Finlay 11.14
Charlotte B 11.16
Elizabeth 11.18
Eve 11.55
Harrison 12.9
Lucy  12.99
Lillia  13.45
Aimee 14.2
Hugo 14.35
Charlotte K 14.56
Luke 14m
Tom Absent
Zak Absent
Leah Absent
Matthew W Absent
Thomas K Absent
Alex Absent
Chloe Sick
Regional 2 200m FS Kick
Benjamin B 03:15.41
Ella 03:15.66
Libby 03:28.16
Ben S 03:30.03
Eve B 03:31.10
Anouska 03:35.22
Millie Ai 03:36.62
Millie Ag 03:37.05
Niamh 03:37.05
Caitlin 03:38.69
Jenna 03:40.94
Jacob B 03:41.87
Jasmine 03:42.34
Lucy P 03:43.19
Amelie 03:43.72
Charlotte T 03:45.97
Eldrick 03:56.51
Emily 03:56.55
Abby 03:57.02
Jack Mi 04:03.62
Harry 04:05.19
Lara 04:10.47
Sam 04:12.44
Josie 04:18.94
Isong 04:20.34
Kendra 04:22.79
Joshua 04:28.59
Edie 04:40.26
Jack Sc 04:51.16
Joseph H Absent
Akal Absent
Isabel B Absent
Alyssa Absent
Jack Se Absent
Amelia  Absent
Elle Absent
Regional 2 15m U/W
Benjamin B 8.11
Libby 8.94
Ben S 8.99
Ella 9
Jacob B 9.06
Jenna 9.11
Eve B 9.19
Caitlin 9.2
Jack Mi 9.34
Anouska 9.34
Charlotte T 9.37
Jasmine 9.39
Millie Ai 9.5
Harry 9.62
Niamh 9.81
Abby 9.97
Millie Ag 10.16
Josie 10.19
Lucy P 10.34
Eldrick 10.37
Lara 10.52
Emily 10.81
Amelie 10.96
Isong 11.04
Kendra 11.38
Sam 11.93
Joshua  11.97
Edie 13.47
Jack Sc DNF
Akal Absent
Joseph H Absent
Isabel B Absent
Alyssa Absent
Jack Se Absent
Amelia Absent
Elle Absent

Friday, 10 April 2015

Club Party - Dates to keep free

Hi All,

This year the club party will be held on Saturday 11th July.  More details to follow.

The Regional Team 

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Swimming Summer Break & August Bank Holiday

Hi All,


Please note the agreed Summer Break dates for the swim training scheme are as follows:


Last sessions Sunday 2nd August and first sessions back Monday 24th August

N.B. if you are to compete at Welsh Nationals, you won't be required to come back to training until 24th August.


On return to training there will only be PM sessions in the first instance, morning training details will be emailed round closer to the time.


Bank Holiday Training

There will be no swimming for any squad Friday 28th August – Monday 31st August due to the bank holiday. Back to normal Tuesday 1st September.


The Regional Team

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Welsh Summer Nationals 2015

Hi All, 

Below is a link to the qualifying times for the Welsh Summer Nationals 2015.   This will only apply to swimmers who have expressed their interest already with Craig Robinson.

The 2015 Swim Wales Summer Open Meet will be held at the Wales National Pool, Swansea from Thursday 23rd - Wednesday 29th July 2015. The Home Nation Summer events will be offered as guaranteed places to the 16 Welsh swimmers who have qualified via the qualification window: 13th March - 31st May and are not ranked in the top 24 swimmers eligible British Summer Championships.

Entry will be through two online systems as follows:

  1. Entry for Welsh swimmers ranked top 16 outside of the British Summer Championships
  2. Open entry with restricted heats on a first come first serve basis. This will accept LC & SC QT's swam within the 12 months prior to the meet

Top 16 online entry will open on: Wed 10th June @ 12 noon.

Open Meet online entry will open on: Wed 17th June @ 8am.

Both systems will close on: Tue 30th June @ 12 noon.

Please be aware they will not be accepting converted times for this meet.  A swimmer must meet the LC or SC times.

Welsh Summer Nationals 2015 Meet Pack

Welsh Summer Nationals 2015 Qualifying Times

The Regional Team

Rejections for Harrogate Meet

Hi All,
The following swimmers need to collect their refunds from the Denison Suite on Monday 13th April.

Regional 1

Maxim - 200 BK = £5

Emilio - 50 BR & 200 IM = £10

Jacob G - 200 Fly = £5

Hugo - 50 Fly = £5

Ella B = £20

Faith - 50 Fr = £5

Regional 2

Jack Mi - 50 Fr = £5

Jack Se - 50 Fly = £5

Harry - 50 Fr & 50 Fly = £10

Eve B - 50 Fr = £5

Amelie - 100 Fly = £5

Lucy - 100 Fly = £5

Kendra - 50 BK = £5

Millie Ag - 50 Fr = £5

Alyssa - 50 Fr & 100 Fly = £10

The Regional Team

Arena League Final

Date:  Sunday 26th April 2015

Venue:  Cardiff International Pool

Tickets are£8 for adults and £4.50 for concessions.

Anyone requiring a ticket please contact Emma Ferriman on 07812353820 or

Please note that there is no supporter's coach for this event, so your own transport will be required.

There may be a small number of seats on the swimmers coach, but these will be drawn from a hat.  If you wish to go into the draw please let Emma know by April 4th.


200m Max Kick Test & 15m Underwater Fly Kick Test

Hi All,

Due to the Easter training times the MAX Kick test will now take place on the following dates this month.  Please make every effort to attend.

Regional 1 = Thursday 9th April
Regional 2 = Wednesday 8th April


The Regional Team

Friday, 3 April 2015

Morning Training

Hi All, 

Here is a reminder of which swimmers should be attending which morning session.

9 Years = Monday am (Diving Pit with Kevin & Jonny)

10 Years = Monday am (Diving Pit with Kevin & Jonny)

11 Years + who attend 1 Am Session (Plus 10 yrs by Coach invite instead of Monday) = Thursday Am

11 Years + who attend 2 Am Sessions  = Monday LC (with Josh) & Thursday AM


The Regional Team

Land Training

Hi All,

This season has seen the introduction to 3 Land Training Sessions per week for the Regional Squads.  Land Training is part of the session and should not be missed.  The aim of the gym session is to introduce exercises with focus on safety and correct form. Emphasis will be placed on developing flexibility, core stability, strength and power using body weight only exercises

Monday PM:  Alternate weeks between Regional 1 & Regional 2

Swimmers aged 11 years and over, land training will begin at 5.30pm and finish at 6.10pm. 
Swimmers aged 9 and 10 years, land training will begin at 6.10pm and finish at 6.25pm.

Thursday AM: Regional 1 & 2
Swimmers aged 11 yeas and over, land land training will begin at 6.30am and finish at 7:00am.
An expectation when moving to National Age Group squad is to attend the full pool session 5:00am until 7:00am, attending this will help you get in the routine to stay until 7:00 am should you be selected for promotion.

Sunday PM: Regional 1 & 2
Regional 1 land training will begin at 5.20pm and finish at 6.00pm
Regional 2 land training will begin at 5.00pm and finish at 5:40pm
As we are coming towards Summer on some occasions land training may take place outside on the running track in the Stadium. Please ensure you come prepared with the correct kit. Swimmers should come to land training in City of Leeds Club Kit and appropriate footwear. Please bring a Jumper in your bag in case we go outside.


The Regional Team

Squad Promotions

Well Done to the following swimmers who were promoted from Regional Age Group to National Age Group after some fantastic racing at the Yorkshires and achieving Long Course NER Qualifying times for June.

Regional 1
Ella P
Hannah B

Regional 2

We have had 18 new swimmers join the Regional Squads over the last month.  Please make them feel welcome and introduce them to the Regional spirit.  They maybe a little nervous at first as moving up can be a scary experience.  

Please Welcome to 

Regional 1
Alex R

Regional 2
Jack Sc

Keep training hard and be ready to storm the Harrogate or Development Meet in 3 weeks time!  Lets show the other clubs what you we are made of.  
The Regional Team Winking smile