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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Upcoming Competition Entries

Hi All,

Entries for the City of Leeds B Grade Meet and the City of Sheffield Summer Meet will be taken on Monday 23rd May.  For those swimmers not competing at the Welsh Summer Nationals these will be your last two competitions of the season.  

Regional Development Aim:- To hold as many Long Course Yorkshire Qualifying times as possible at the end of the season.
Regional Performance Aim:- To hold as many Long Course North Eastern Qualifying times as possible at the end of the season.

Below are the details for the upcoming competitions and some entry advise.

City of Leeds B Grade Meet
Try to update any long course times you have not swum for a while, or enter any events you are just outside qualifying times in.  Swimmers can enter events they have never tried before to get a time on rankings.

Ages at 26th July 2016
Events available are;
50m all strokes
100m/200m all strokes & 200 IM 400m Freestyle & 400m IM 

City of Sheffield Summer Meet
For most of you this will be your last meet of the season.  Try to enter your best events at this competition (the ones you are ranked highest on).  Please make sure your entry times are slower than the cut off times in the link below.

Ages at 24th July 2016
Events available are;
50m all strokes - including Open final in 50m free
100m all strokes - including 14/Under and 15/Over finals 200m all strokes - including Open finals
400m Free HDW 

We will start signing forms now.  Please try to get your form signed by the coaching staff before Monday night.

The Regional Team

North Eastern Counties

Here is the first weekend of the big one for those qualifiers in Regional Performance.  Lets SMASH IT!!  

Remember use the walls to pick up speed not lose speed, every millisecond counts.  Pick up the effort every 50m and hold your technique when feeling tired. 

Just a reminder of the arrival times at Ponds Forge this weekend.
Am Sessions (21st, 22nd, 28th & 29th May)
Arrive: 07:30
Warm Up: 08:00
Start: 09:00
Pm Session = Finals
The draft programme can be viewed by clicking the link below;

Training Changes (For those swimmers competing)

Friday 20th May Pm = 19:00 - 20:00 (Just 1 hour)

Monday 23rd May Am = Off if you have competed over the weekend

Friday 27th May Pm = 19:00 - 20:00 (Just 1 hour)

Monday 30th May Am = Off if you have competed over the weekend

Training will be as normal for those swimmers not competing.

Please make sure you all prepare well and stay hydrated over the weekend, it will be very hot on poolside.  Remember your snacks for poolside off the nutrition list.  

"Before the (Olympic) trials I was doing a lot of relaxing exercises and visualisation.  And I think that that helped me to get a feel of what It was gonna be like when I got there.  I knew that I had done everything that I could to get ready for that meet, both physically and mentally".  (Michael phelps, 6 Gold Medals, 2004 Olympic Games)

Like Michael Phelps, you should plan in your head what you are going to do in your race.  Visualise your streamlining, kicks off the wall, not breathing last 5m etc and it will happen.  Thinking about it after the race is too late.

Training will be as normal for anyone not competing.

Best of luck to you all Winking smile

The Regional Team

Monday, 16 May 2016

Bank Holiday Training Changes

Hi All,


Please note the following training times for the upcoming Bank Holiday weekend….

Saturday 28th May

Regional Development – Normal @ JCCS

Regional Performance – Normal @ JCCS


Monday 30th May

Regional Development – Day Off

Regional Performance – those who will have competed at NERS then day off, everyone else 7.00-9.00am only


The Regional Team

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

200m Max Kick Test & 15m Underwater Fly Kick Test Results

Hi All,

Here are the results from this months kick test.  PB's are highlighted in green.  The next kick test will be held on Monday 6th June.  

All times from the start of the season can be viewed using the link below.

Well Done!!
The Regional Team

Regional Dev 200m FS Max Kick
Finlay 3:33.63
Kieran B 3:33.63
Elliott 3:46.81
Dominic 3:49.15
Anna A 3:53.49
Olivia 3:55.09
Amelia K 4:01.64
Iona 4:04.69
Kasja 4:05.47
Chloe  4:07.55
Solomon 4:08.45
Joshua 4:08.69
Charlotte 4:09.06
Jessica 4:11.72
Zak S 4:11.88
Kieran R 4:13.98
Harrison  4:16.84
Nell 4:18.41
Sophia 4:20.81
Ashton 4:21.95
Isaac  4:23.12
Lauren 4:27.71
Phillipa 4:30.25
Rebecca 4:33.99
Jamie 4:34.41
Luke 4:39.23
Alex 4:41.81
Rhys Absent
Lilly Absent
Mischa Absent
Thomas K Absent
Jack Sc Absent
Henry DNF
Regional Dev 15m U/W
Charlotte C 8.91
Amelia 8.67
Kasja 9.15
Iona 9.47
Jessica 9.47
Finlay 9.48
Lauren 9.66
Kieran B 9.68
Zak S 9.81
Anna A 9.83
Henry 10.19
Elliott 10.22
Olivia 10.23
Rebecca 10.57
Joshua B 10.66
Nell 10.79
Phillipa 10.97
Ashton 11.21
Dominic 11.28
Solomon 11.34
Kieran R 11.49
Harrison 11.67
Chloe 11.71
Sophia 11.95
Luke 12.06
Jamie 12.66
Alex 12.71
Isaac 13
Rhys Absent
Lilly Absent
Mischa Absent
Jack Sc Absent
Thomas K Absent
Regional Per 200m FS Max Kick
Joseph H 3:09.44
Louis 3:10.34
Maxim 3:14.43
Ben S 3:16.57
Isla 3:18.75
Caitlin 3:19.10
George 3:24.59
Thomas Sp 3:26.28
Emilio 3:26.28
Charlie 3:29.01
Sasha 3:31.76
Jack Se 3:32.38
Abby 3:33.60
Sam 3:35.96
Harry 3:40.46
Jack Mi 3:43.48
Leah 3:47.61
James Hu 3:47.96
James Ro 3:49.64
Joshua R 3:51.38
Jolie 3:54.46
Edie 3:54.72
Freya J 3:56.05
Jacob G 3:56.43
Anna F 3:59.90
Millie Mc 4:03.49
Jacob B 4:11.84
Charlotte K  4:15.96
Matthew W 4:21.29
Aimee 4:25.24
Martha  4:25.24
Charlotte B Absent
Kidiest Absent
Niamh Absent
William Absent
Freya B Absent
Regional Per 15m U/W
Caitlin 7.45
Louis 7.97
Jack Mi 8.39
Jack Se 8.44
George 8.44
Kidiest 8.56
Jolie 8.62
Joseph H 8.72
Joshua R 8.91
Harry 8.95
Maxim 9.02
Freya J 9.03
Ben S 9.25
Abby 9.37
Emilio 9.44
Isla 9.46
James Hu 9.72
Charlie 9.87
Sam 9.99
Thomas Sp 9.99
Anna F 10.08
Jacob G 10.17
Leah 10.21
Martha  10.51
Matthew W 10.89
Millie Mc 11.24
Aimee 11.28
Edie 11.49
Sasha 11.61
Charlotte K 11.61
Jacob B 12.19
Niamh Absent
William Absent
Charlotte B Absent
James Ro Absent
Freya B Absent

Friday, 29 April 2016

Harrogate Summer A Graded Meet Entries

Hi All,


Just a reminder that the entries for the Harrogate Summer A Graded Meet will be taken on Monday 9th May.  Below is a link to the cut off times.  Please make sure entry times are no faster than the upper limit otherwise they will be rejected.
The Regional Team

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Welsh Summer Nationals 2016‏

Hi all,


Welsh Summer Open Meet entries are closing in on us. The qualifying times look generous which means we should be taking one of our largest teams in a long time.


There is an open online entry system with restricted Heats (meaning a certain amount of time has been allotted for each event), on a first come first serve basis. Entry for ASA registered members will be open as of 8:00am on Wednesday 15th June.


You will be able to enter online, at the time and date outlined above. As the event is first come first serve, it will be particularly important for you to submit entries as soon as the entry system opens.


Please find attached an excel document which will assist in highlighting exactly which events the athlete has qualified in. It would be useful to enter all Long course times, then enter Short course times where the athlete doesn't qualify with their Long course time. Could you please send this back to Kevin Schofield (fingers1500@hotmail.com) at the earliest possible opportunity, completed with the athlete's current times?


PB's against Welsh Qualifying Times


Note: Only times swam as of 1st August 2015 will be accepted.


The Coaching Team will be holding an internal meeting very shortly, after which we will organise and deliver a presentation with more information.


Kind regards,

The Regional Team 

Monday, 25 April 2016

Bank Holiday - Training Changes

Hi All,
Due to the May Bank holiday there will be the following training changes;
Regional Development
Monday 2nd May: 
Am = 7:00 - 8:30am
Pm = No Training
Regional Performance
Monday 2nd May: 
Am = 7:00 - 9:00am
Pm = No Training

The Regional Team

Sunday, 24 April 2016

National ARENA League 'B' Final

City of Leeds SC were in action in Cardiff yesterday for the National ARENA League 'B' Final.

The team finished second overall to Stockport in a close Battle to the Finish, recording 12 First place finishes.

1st = Stockport - 349 
2nd = City of Leeds - 345 
3rd = City of Oxford - 318 
4th = Hatfield - 301 
5th = Swansea Aquatics - 291 
6th = Wycombe District - 262 
7th = Team Ipswich - 257 
8th = Ealing - 247
9th = Northampton -198
10th = City of Coventry -183

Well done to all teams!

Results and Pictures can be viewed clicking the links below

Arena League 2016 Results

Arena League 2016 Pictures

Friday, 22 April 2016

National Qualifier - Live Results

Hi All,
Below is a link to the live results for the National Qualifier Meet

Live Results
The Regional Team

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Harrogate Summer A Graded Meet Entries

Hi All,

Entries for the Harrogate Summer A Graded Meet will be taken on Monday 9th May.


Boys/Girls 9–15 & over: 50, 100, 200 metres all strokes & 400m Free plus 100, 200 & 400 I.M. All events are Heat Declared Winner. Ages at 12th June 2016 

Meet Details

Meet Schedule

Entry Form

We will start signing forms now.

The Regional Team

ARENA League Final - Travel Arrangements

Hi All,


We have now confirmed the travel arrangements for the bus to Cardiff on Saturday 23rd April .


The bus will depart JCCS @ 06:30 (prompt).


Doors open at 12:00, with Warm Up starting at 12:15.

Good Luck to all competing!

The Regional Team

Swim Training Scheme Olympic Selection - Georgia Coates‏

A big Congratulations to Georgia Coates on her selection on to the Olympic team 2016. 

We are all very proud of her. 

City of Leeds National Qualifier Meet 2016

Hi All,
Below are the details and training changes due to this weekends National Qualifier Meet.
Training Changes

Friday 22nd April (PM)

Regional Development – cancelled

Regional Performance - cancelled


Saturday 23rd April

Regional Development – 6.30-8.00am (Earlier Time)

Regional Performance - cancelled



Meet Details

Draft Programme

Rejected Entries



Friday 22nd April

Arrive:- 15:30

Warm Up: - 16:00

Start: - 17:00


Saturday 23rd April & Sunday 24th April

Am Sessions

Arrive:- 07:30

Warm Up: - 08:00

Start: - 09:00


Pm Sessions

Arrive:- 13:30

Warm Up: - 14:00

Start: - 15:00


Good Luck to everyone competing


The Regional Team




Friday, 15 April 2016

STS Training Changes

Hi All,


Please note the following training changes.


Due to an error with a booking in the aquatics centre this weekend the following changes will be in place:


Saturday 16th April

Regional Development – 6.30-8.00am

Regional Performance - cancelled



Changes due to National Qualifier Meet next weekend:


Friday 22nd April (PM)

Regional Development – cancelled

Regional Performance - cancelled


Saturday 23rd April

Regional Development – 6.30-8.00am

Regional Performance - cancelled


Apologies for any inconvenice caused.


The Regional Team

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Swim Wales Summer Open Meet

Hi All,

Just to let ypu all know the meet pack and qualifying times are now out for the Swim Wales Summer Open Meet.

The Regional Team

ASANER Age Group Championships 2015

Hi All,


Entries for the North Eastern's will be taken on Monday 18th April.  Swimmers should enter ALL events they have qualified for.  This is one of the harder competitions in the Regional calendar to qualify for and anyone who has achieved a time (even if it is only in one event) should swim.  This meet is a fantastic opportunity to compete against the fastest swimmers in the North East.


We will be available to sign forms after training.  Please note Kevin will be away from Sunday 10th - Friday 15th and Craig Wednesday 13th - Monday 18th as they are at the Olympic Trials in Glasgow.  If you have any questions please see them ASAP.  The assistant coaches will sign forms in their absence.


Anyone who competed at Harrogate can check if they have achieved a long course NER time by using the calculator below to convert your times from short course to long course:
Swimming Converter


North Eastern Qualifying times, details and entry forms can be printed using the links below
NER Qualifying Times

ASANER Conditions 2016
Event Schedule

Entry Form


Please make every effort to achieve 100% attendance in the run up to THE BIG ONE!


It's how you prepare months before in the training pool that will determine your performance at the main event.  Your ruthless attendance, quality and consistency of your training will serge you forward's to a result you will be happy with!


The Regional Team