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Lead Coach (RAG 1) - Kevin Schofield (

Lead Coach (RAG 2) - Josh Spencer (

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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

City of Leeds Time Trial

Hi All,

The Club is trying to organise an official time trial on Saturday 15th November between 9 am and 1 pm at John Charles to provide an opportunity for any swimmers who need times.  This will mainly apply to any swimmers who were rejected from the Leeds Meet and cannot enter the Bradford Meet in December and those new swimmers who have never had a go at the 100m and 200m races before.

If you would like to take part in the time trial please send a quick email with your name and the events you would like to enter.

Regional 1 - Entries to Kevin (
Regional 2 - Entries to Josh - (

In order so that the programme of events can be sorted well in advance please can we have all entries in no later than Friday 3rd October.


The Regional Team

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Date Changes

Hi All,
Below are a few date changes for your diaries.
Junior League Northern Final has changed from Sunday 26th October to Sunday 5th October
City of Bradford Xmas Meet has changed from 22nd & 23rd of November to the 13th & 14th December
The Regional Team

White Rose Junior League (Northern Final)

Date: Sunday 5th October
Venue:  Knowsley Leisure Centre
Arrive John Charles:  09:30
Depart John Charles: 09.45
Warm Up:  12:00
Start:  12:45
Depart Knowsley:  Approx 15:30
Arrive John Charles:  Approx 17:00

Can the following swimmers please confirm their availability to Craig Robinson ( by Monday 22nd September

Regional 1
Zak Moran
Nathan Russell
Ella Potts
Louis Ainley
Charlie Broome
Emilio Paniagua-Gutierrez
Matthew Walker
Thomas Knowles
Joanna Bingham
Isabel Goodwin
Eve Jones
Faith Blain
Evie Murdoch
Elizabeth Russell
Leah Schlosshan
Regional 2
Jacob Braithwaite
Akal Rehal
Edwin Munoz
Isabel Beaty
Ella Cooper
Alicia Smith
The Regional Team

Junior League - Round 1

Well done to all swimmers who competed in the Junior League at John Charles last Saturday.  After an exciting afternoon of racing we were crowned the winners of the first round.  The next round of the Junior League is the Northern Final which will be held at Knowsley Leisure Centre, Merseyside on Sunday 5th of October.   This is our fifth year in the competition and after winning four years in a row it would be great to storm through the next round and defend our title by winning the National Final. 

Round 1 Results
Star1st: City of Leeds = 342 PointsStar
2nd: Borough of Kirklees = 328 Points
3rd: City of Sheffield A = 301 Points
4th: York = 232 Points
5th: Kingston Upon Hull = 215 Points
6th:  Harrohate = 155 Points
7th:  City of Sheffield B = 113 Points
Well Done Everyone! Emoji
Keep focusing on great takeovers and finishes during training ready to smash the Northern Final.
The Regional Team

City of Leeds October Meet (25m)

Hi All,
Entries for above meet held at John Charles on the 25th & 26th October will be taken on Monday 22nd September in the Denison Suite.

This meet is on the Regional Squad calendar and all squad members are expected to enter.  Swimmers are advised to enter a selection of events that you have not already qualified for at the Yorkshires and North Easterns.  If you have already achieved a Yorkshire or North Eastern time in an event you do not enter them again at this meet, pick a race you have not already qualified in.

Information can be found below by clicking on the link;
Any new swimmers who do not have an entry time for a particular event can get one by following the instructions below;

Coaches will start signing forms for this meet from tonight.
The Regional Team

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Yorkshire Championships Entries

Hi All,

Entries for the Winter Yorkshire Short Course Championships at Ponds Forge will be taken by Ophelia on Monday 15th September.  Swimmers should enter ALL the events they have qualified for.  We will be available to sign forms after training on Sunday pm and Monday am.  Please remember to get all entry forms to us before Monday pm as we will be coaching from 4.30pm.

Yorkshire Championships Entry Form

Yorkshire Championships Event Schedule & Qualifying Times


The Regional Team

Friday, 12 September 2014

White Rose League - Sat 13th September 2014‏

Date:  Saturday 13th September

Venue:  JCCS
Arrive:  13:30
Warm Up:  14:00

Please ensure your child has Team Kit for the event, not only is this effective for our management of the team but we like to blind our enemies with a blaze of yellow.  Children will not be released from poolside to see parents, therefore please ensure that your child has adequate food and provisions for the duration of the competition.

As with all City of Leeds Team events, please respect that we are there as one, and children should, win or lose, remain at the end to cheer their team… as should you.

Supporting parents please remember your hats, wigs, horns, face paints etc. The louder you cheer the faster the swimmers will go.

The Regional Team

Welcome Back!

Hi All,

Welcome back to training, hope you all had a nice restful break.  The hard work will start again very soon. 

At the moment we will be working hard on perfecting the skills and stroke techniques, like they were just before we broke up.  The quicker the skills are in place again the quicker we can get to the hard stuff. Winking smile

Just a reminder that the first morning of the season will start on Monday 15th Spetember.  We look forward to seeing you all there.

Land Training will be as follows:

Monday 15th Sept – Regional 2 normal times

Monday 22nd Sept – Regional 1 normal times

Then alternate as normal

The Regional Team

Training Camp 5-12 April 2015 - Lourakki, Greece

Objective of training camp

To give swimmers who have achieved the selection criteria, the opportunity for extra preparation to 

aid their performance for Regional Championships and qualification for English Championships. An 

allocation of up to 50 swimmers has been made.

Athlete Selection

1. Athletes who are a Regional Qualifier and a member of the National Squad will be considered 

for selection. 

2. Athletes who are a member of the National Age Group Squad who are a National or Regional 

Qualifier will be considered for selection. 

3. Athletes who are a member of the Senior Junior Squad who are a Regional Qualifier will be 

considered for selection. 

4. Athletes who are a member of the Regional Squads and are a Regional Qualifier will be 

considered for selection. 

5. Only Athletes who are aged between 11-18 (age at 31st December 2015) will be considered 

for selection. This is in line with the new British Competition restructure at regional level. 

6. In the event we are oversubscribed with the above criteria, medallists, finalists and number of 

events qualified for at Regional Championships in May & June 2014 will be considered. 


1. Athletes must maintain a high percentage of training attendance to be considered for 


2. Athletes must abide by the Leeds City Council and City of Leeds Swimming Club code of 

conduct at all times

3. The head coach reserves the right to exclude any athlete who is ill or injured prior to the camp

4. The head coach will appoint coaching staff to attend the training camp

5. Lead team manager to attend the training camp

6. Full team kit must be worn at all times will appoint team


Total cost of actual camp £400

Deposit £150 (payable by 15th September)

Final payment £250 (payable by 15th December)

Flights (unknown cost at present) will be payable as soon as booked - this will be as soon after the 

15th September as possible

Expression of interest

Please complete the below and pass to Rod on 15th September along with deposit. Please note all 

deposits are non-refundable unless child not selected to attend.


Parent Contact number…………………………………………..

Deposit Paid…………………………………………………………….

Balance Paid…………………………………………………………….

Flights Paid……………………………………………………………….

Any questions please contact Rod on

Friday, 8 August 2014

Welsh Summer Nationals 2014

Well done to everyone who attended the Wales meet.  The trip was a brilliant success with lots of fast swimming and a great experience for the swimmers whose first time it was away from home by themselves.  

5 Meet Record, 25 Golds, 24 Silvers, 34 Bronze Medals & 164 Final Swims.  

513 PB's out of 699 Swims.

Meet Records (1)
Kiani (5)

StarGold Medalists (14)Star
Kiani (6), Rebecca (5), Steph (2), Jack (2), Tom J (2), Jonny (2) Abbey C (1), Oliver (1), Abbie H (1), Charlotte (1) City of Leeds A Medley Team (Joe, Nathan L, Jonny & Aaron) (1), City of Leeds A Freestyle Team (Jonny, Joe St, Jake Sy & Aaron) (1), Nathan L (1)

Silver Medalists (18)
Jack (4), Abbie H (2), Rebecca (2), Kiani (2) Charlotte (2), Aaron (2), Akshima (2), Tom J (2), Nathan (1), Jess (1), Joe (1), Ella C (1),  City of Leeds A Medley Team (Niamh Mi, Charoltte, Akshima, Abbie H) (1), City of Leeds A Freestyle Team (Carl, Luke, Richard, Jonny) (1)

Bronze Medalists (18)
Aaron (4), Jack (3), Jonny (3), Abbie H (3), Chantel (3), Matthew K (2), Abbey C (2), Ella C (2), Tom J (2), Jenna (2), Rebecca (2), Akshima (1), Steph (1), Kiani (1), Jake Sy (1), Matthew E (1), City of Leeds A Team (Rebecca, Jess, Akshima, Abbie H) (1)

Finalists (35)
Kiani, Oliver, Nathan L, Steph, Rebecca, Jack, Joe, Ella C, Charlotte, Niamh Mi, Akshima, Abbie H, Jenna St, Akshima, Matthew E, Matthew K, Jonny, Aaron, Jake Sy, Danielle, Tom J, Steph, Hannah A, Jess, Niamh C, Abbey C, Carl, Richard, John, Kit, Jake H, Jamie, Chantelle, Izzy & Ella P

Well Done!!

For some of you this was your last competition in Regional Squad.  We hope to follow your progress as you move on through the scheme.  I hope you are all looking forward to joining your new squads and I hope you will work as hard for your new coaches as you have done for us.  We will definitely miss you all.

Excellent Swimming!!! A great way to finish off the season. Smile

Have a fantastic Summer

Kevin, Craig & Josh

Welsh Summer Nationals 2014 - Day 7

1 Meet Record, Golds, 5 Silvers, Bronze Medals & 32 Final Swims.  

70 PB's out of 98 Swims.

Meet Records(1)

Kiani (1)

StarGold Medalists (5)Star
Kiani (1), Oliver (1), Nathan L (1), Steph (1), Rebecca (1)

Silver Medalists (5)
Jack (1), Joe (1), Ella C (1), Charlotte (1), City of Leeds A Medley Team (Niamh Mi, Charoltte, Akshima, Abbie H (1))

Bronze Medalists (3)
Jenna (1), Akshima (1), Abbie H (1)

Finalists (28)
Kiani, Oliver, Nathan L, Steph, Rebecca, Jack, Joe, Ella C, Charlotte, Niamh Mi, Akshima, Abbie H, Jenna St, Akshima, Matthew E, Matthew K, Jonny, Aaron, Jake Sy, Danielle, Tom J, Steph, Hannah A, Jess, Niamh C, Abbey C, Carl & Richard

Well Done!!

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Welsh Summer Nationals - Day 6

Golds, 2 Silvers, Bronze Medals & 27 Final Swims.  

64 PB's out of 91 Swims.

StarGold Medalists (7)Star
Kiani (1), Abbie H (1), Jack (1), Tom J (1), Rebecca (1), Abbey C (1), City of Leeds A Medley Team (Joe, Nathan L, Jonny, Aaron) (1)

Silver Medalists (2)
Abbie H (1), Jack (1)

Bronze Medalists (3)
Chantel (1), Matthew K (1), Ella C (1)

Finalists (19)
Joe St, Jake Sy, John, Kit, Jake H, Matthew E, Matthew K, Nathan L, Jess, Rebecca, Steph, Tom J, Jonny, Aaron, Richard, Jamie, Hannah A, Danielle, Charlotte

Well Done!!

Check Out

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Welsh Summer Nationals - Day 5

1 Meet Record, Gold, 1 Silver, Bronze Medals & 8 Final Swims.  

58 PB's out of 76 Swims.

Meet Records(1)

Kiani (1)

StarGold Medalists (1)Star
Kiani (1)

Silver Medalists (1)
Abbie H (1)

Bronze Medalists (2)
Tom J (1), Steph (1)

Finalists (8)
Kiani, Abbie H, Tom J, Steph, Jack, Ella C, Jenna St & Hannah A

Well Done!!

Check Out

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Welsh Summer Nationals - Day 4

1 Meet Record, 3 Golds, 5 Silvers, 10 Bronze Medals & 26 Final Swims.  

71 PB's out of 113 Swims.

Meet Records(1)

Kiani (1)

StarGold Medalists (2)Star
Rebecca (2), Kiani (1)

Silver Medalists (5)
Tom J (1), Jess (1), Jack (1), Joe St (1), Abbie H (1)

Bronze Medalists (7)
Aaron (3), Jack (1), Jonny (1), Ella C (1), Abbey C (1), Kiani (1), City of Leeds A Team (1) (Rebecca, Jess, Akshima & Abbie H)

Finalists (22)
Rebecca, Kiani, Tom J, Jess, Jack, Joe St, Abbie H, Aaron, Jonny, Ella C, Abbey C, Akshima, Matthew K, Steph, Jake Sy, Hannah A

Well Done!!

Welsh Summer Nationals - Day 3

4 Golds, 4 Silvers, 4 Bronze Medals & 23 Final Swims.  

92 PB's out of 114 Swims.

StarGold Medalists (4)Star
Kiani (1), Jonny (1), Steph (1), Rebecca (1)

Silver Medalists (7)
City of Leeds Open A Team (Carl, Luke, Richard, Jonny) (1), Aaron (1), Nathan (1), Akshima (1)

Bronze Medalists (4)
Abbie H (1), Tom J (1), Jack (1), Chantel (1)

Finalists (21)
Kiani, Jonny, Steph, Rebecca, Carl, Luke, Richard, Jonny, Aaron, Nathan, Akshima, Abbie H, Tom J, Jack, Chantel, Jenna St, Hannah A, Izzy, Ella P, Charlotte, Abbie H

Well Done!!

Welsh Summer Nationals 2014 - Day 2

1 Meet Record, 4 Golds, 5 Silvers, 7 Bronze Medals & 27 Final Swims.  

85 PB's out of 116 Swims.

Meet Records(1)

Kiani (1)

StarGold Medalists (7)Star
Charlotte (1), Tom J (1), Jack (1), City of Leeds A Team (1) (Jonny, Joe St, Jake Sy, Aaron)

Silver Medalists (5)
Jonny (1), Aaron (1), Rebecca (1), Kiani (1), Akshima (1)

Bronze Medalists (7)
Aaron (1), Richard (1), Matthew K (1), Jake Sy (1), Jenna S (1), Abbie H (1), Jonny (1)

Finalists (22)
Charlotte, Tom J, Jack, Jonny, Joe St, Jake Sy, Aaron, Rebecca, Kiani, Akshima, Richard, Matthew K, Jenna S, Abbie H, Abby C, Jess, Hannah A, Matthew E, Izzy, Nathan L, John, Kit

Well Done!!

Welsh Summer Nationals 2014 - Day 1

1 Meet Record, 2 Golds, 5 Silvers, 6 Bronze Medals & 21 Final Swims.  

73 PB's out of 91 Swims.

Meet Records(1)
Kiani (1)

StarGold Medalists (2)Star
Kiani (1), Jonny (1)

Silver Medalists (4)
Jack (1), Tom J (1), Rebecca (1), Abbie H

Bronze Medalists (6)
Matthew E (1), Abbey C (1), Jack (1), Jess (1), Chantel (1), Jonny (1)

Finalists (14)
Kiani, Jonny, Jack, Tom J, Rebecca, Matthew E, Abbey C, Jess, Chantel, Jonny, Matthew K, Hannah A, Akshima, Richard

Great Start 

Well Done!!

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Welsh Sport TV

Hi All,

Hers are some pictures of us smashing it up at Welsh Summer Nationals 2014

Enjoy Emoji

Friday, 1 August 2014

Last Emotional Words From Tom....

Dear Regional Swimmers (and parents)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the gifts and cards.

Clearly from the various leaving gifts I have received including the breaded chicken, 'fresh treads', numerous cans of monster, a recorder and enough jelly to last a lifetime, we have spent too much time on poolside at galas talking rubbish.

On a serious note, I have really enjoyed working as the Regional 2 coach over the past two seasons and it has been a privelage to have coached such a pleasant group of swimmers.

Overall this past season has been very successful for Reg2, with a great PB to Swim ratio at every meet, as well as beating the previous seasons Yorkshire & NER finals and medals tally. This has been down to the hard work which you have all put in during training. 

I would like to wish you all the best for next season and for those going to Wales, make sure you 'smash it' and finish the season on a high.

Remember in Regional 2  We Swim Fast and Look Good Doing It.


Aka Thomas the Tank Engine

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Training Changes and New Season

Hi All,
Due to various commitments training for this week has had to change slightly
 Regional 1
Wednesday Pm = End of Season Water Polo Game
Thursday AM = Off
Thursday PM = Normal (Please bring a T Shirt or PJ's for a fun relay at the end of the session)
Friday = Off
Regional 2
Wednesday Pm = Normal (Please bring a T Shirt or PJ's for a fun relay at the end of the session)
Thursday AM = Off
Thursday PM = End of Season Water Polo
Friday = Off

Overall this season has been fantastic!  We have had some amazing results and We are looking forward to the start of next season. Training will commence on Wednesday 27th August.  We will have 23 new swimmers from the Development squads joining us from the start of the new season.  Please make them feel welcome and introduce them to the Regional spirit.  They maybe a little nervous at first, as moving up can be a scary experience.

Well done to the swimmers who were selected to move up to National Age Group and Senior Junior Squad. We hope you have enjoyed your time in Regional Squad and you take the skills you have learnt with you to progress even further up the swimming ladder.  We wish you the best of luck in your new squads.

Just a few reminders........  
The new training times will take effect after the summer break on Wednesday 27th August.  Training times for both squads are as follows:
 Regional Age Group Squad 1                           
Sunday          4.00-6.00 pm     L.C          JCC                                        
Monday          5.00-6.30 am     Pit*         JCC 
Monday          5:30 – 6:25 pm   **Gym    JCC                       
Monday          6.30-8.00 pm     25 x 25  JCC                        
Wednesday  6.45-7.45 pm  Mid Pool JCC *new venue & time                              
Thursday        5.00-6.30 am     L.C          JCC  (6.30-7.00am with Snr/Jnr = Optional)                   
Thursday       6.30-8.00 pm      25 x 25   JCC                        
Friday            7.00-8.30 pm      LC          JCC                        
Regional Age Group Squad 2                           
Sunday          4.00-6.00 pm      L.C          JCC                        
Monday          5.00-6.30 am      Pit*        JCC
Monday          5:30 – 6:25 pm   **Gym    JCC                        
Monday          6.30-8.00 pm      25 x 25  JCC                        
Wednesday    6.30-7.30 pm      25 x 25   JCC                        
Thursday       5.00-6.30 am      L.C           JCC (6.30-7.00am with Snr/Jnr = Optional)                          
Thursday       6.30-8.00 pm      S.C          Armley LC           
Friday       7.00-8.30 pm  L.C       JCC *new venue & time

Morning Training (Mornings will start for our squad on Monday 15th September)
*Monday am (Pit):  This session is for all Regional 1 & 2 swimmers who are aged 10 and under with Kevin & Tom B.
*Monday am (LC):  This session is for all Regional 1 & 2 who swimmers who are aged 11 and over with Josh.

Thursday am (LC):  This session is for all Regional 1 & 2 who swimmers who are aged 11 and over with Kevin & Josh.

In some cases swimmers who are aged 10 and under may be invited to attend the long course morning sessions by their coach.

Land Training (Will start on Monday 1st September with Regional 1)

**Land Training is for all swimmers.  Regional 1 & 2 attend alternate weeks in the gym.  The aim of the gym session is to introduce exercises with focus on safety and correct form.  Emphasis will be placed on developing flexibility, core stability, strength and power using body weight only exercises.  Land training is part of Monday night's session and should not be missed.

Swimmers aged 11 years and over, land training will begin at 5.30pm and finish at 6.10pm. 

Swimmers aged 9 and 10 years, land training will begin at 6.10pm and finish at 6.25pm.

Expected Attendance
Age   Workouts Per Week   Am Workouts
8          5                                 0
9-10     5-6                              0-1
11-12    6-7                              1-2
13        7                                  2                           
Enjoy the Summer Break and make the most of no Swimming whilst you can. Come back feeling fresh ready to train hard again.

The Regional Team Emoji