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Thursday, 20 April 2017


Hi All

BOK Swim Club is really looking forward to seeing you all at our Open Meet this Sunday at the new Huddersfield Leisure Centre, Spring Grove Street, HD1 4BP

We have had to slightly alter the start times of sessions to minimise the level of rejections and we should be grateful if you would share the information with swimmers, officials and parents who are attending. There are also some "house" rules at the HLC facility which we have also outlined below:

Session 1 (SUN 23rd April AM)
Arrive: 07:55

Warm Up:  08.15 (Earlier time than stated in meet pack)
Start:  09:00 (Earlier time than stated in meet pack)

Session 2 (SUN 23rd April PM)

Arrive:  12:45
Warm Up:  13:15
Start:  14:15

Meet pack and list of accepted entries can be viewed by clicking the links below;

BOK Meet Pack

Accepted Entries

The Splash Park is open to the public during the meet so swimmers are NOT allowed to use lockers in the "Unisex Family Changing Village".
There are limited lockers in the single sex male and female changing rooms which may be used by swimmers. Most swimmers will need to put their kit bags in the allocated area in the marshalled studio above the pool. This area is accessible from poolside.  Swimmers are not allowed into the spectator area so please ensure they have all food and drinks etc in their swim bags.

Car Park

There is plenty of long stay car parking adjacent to and opposite the front of the venue: (Sunday maximum charge is £1).


Due to fire regulations and number of seats available at the HLC facility there will be one spectator ticket per swimmer only.  Tickets will be handed out to swimmers at training on Thursday and Friday evening via there squad coach.

If anyone has any withdrawals please can you email so we can pass the information on to BOK before the competition. This is so we can ensure smooth running of the meet and so team managers know who to expect on the day.

See you Sunday!

The Regional Team

Training Changes

Hi All,

Please see below the training changes this weekend due to the B.O.K Spring Open Meet.

Regional Development & Performance
Saturday 22nd April - No Training (Rest ready to compete on Sunday)
Monday  24th April - No Am Training (Recovery after competing at BOK Meet)

The Regional Team

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

ASANER Age Group Championships 2017

Hi All,


Entries for the North Eastern's will be taken on Monday 24th April.  Swimmers should enter ALL events they have qualified for.  This is one of the harder competitions in the Regional calendar to qualify for and anyone who has achieved a time (even if it is only in one event) should swim.  This meet is a fantastic opportunity to compete against the fastest swimmers in the North East.


Anyone who competed at Harrogate or is competing at B.O.K this weekend can check if they have achieved a long course NER time by using the calculator below to convert your times from short course to long course:
Swimming Converter


North Eastern Qualifying times, details and entry forms can be printed using the links below
NER Qualifying Times

ASANER Conditions 2017

Event Schedule

Entry Form


Please make every effort to achieve 100% attendance in the run up to THE BIG ONE!


It's how you prepare months before in the training pool that will determine your performance at the main event.  Your ruthless attendance, quality and consistency of your training will serge you forward's to a result you will be happy with!


The Regional Team

Monday, 10 April 2017

Harrogate Spa Town Meet

Well Done Everyone!!!!! You SMASSSSSSHED IT!!!!

We are very proud of you all.

Regional Development achieved a whopping 86 PB's out of 90 Swims, 9 Speeding Tickets,  17 Gold Medals, 21 Silver Medals, 16 BronzeMedals, 28 more Yorkshire qualifying times and 1 NER qualifying time.

Speeding Ticket Winners
Kourosh Kh (3), Thomas Mi (2), Theodore Ro (2), Maeve Ca (1), Nathan Ra (1)

A Grade Medals (15 Gold, 17 Silver & 16 Bronze)
Medallists (9)
Jacob Gw (3), Lilka Ba (2), Maeve Ca (2), Alex Du (2), Thomas Mi (2), Solomon Ho (1), Grace Mi (1), Koby Mi (1), Nathan Ra (1)

Silver Medallists (11)
Megan Bu (3), Solomon Ho (3), Alex Du (2), Theodore Ro (2), Jamie Br (1), Jad Id (1), Perry Le (1), Grace Mi (1), Koby Mi (1), Amy Ro (1), Harry Se (1)

Bronze Medallists (13)
Lilka Ba (2), Jad Id (2), Koby Mi (2), Megan Bu (1), Maeve Ca (1), Alex Du (1), Jacob Gw (1), Solomon Ho (1), Perry Le (1), Grace Mi (1), Thomas Mi (1), Nathan Ra (1), Harry Se (1)

B Grade Medals (2 Gold & 4 Silver)
Medallists (1)
Ashton De (2)

Silver Medallists (2)
Ashton De (2), Erin Th (2)

Regional Development updated PB's can be viewed using the link below;

Regional Performance achieved a an amazing 98 PB's out of 115 Swims11 Speeding Tickets24 Gold Medals, 16 Silver Medals, 21 BronzeMedals, 25 more Yorkshire times and 12 more NER times.

Speeding Ticket Winners
Nell Wi (4), Mischa Co (3), Martha Ca (2), Dominic Ma (1), Joshua Su (1)

A Grade Medals (18 Gold, 13 Silver & 19 Bronze)
Medallists (13)
Martha Ca (3), Elliott Wa (3), Rhys Ri (2), Lucy Al (1), Pheanie Ba (1), Sam Em (1), Henry Fi (1), Eve La (1), Dominic Ma (1), Jack Mi (1), Joshua Su (1), Finlay Wi (1), Nell Wi (1)

Silver Medallists (9)
Lucy Al (2), Dominic Ma (2), James Ro (2), Elliott Wa (2), Mischa Co (1), Henry Fi (1), Rhys Ri (1), Joshua Su (1), Zak St (1)

Bronze Medallists (12)
Jacob Gs (3), Jack Mi (3), Charlotte Cl (2), Sophia Ke (2), Zak St (2), Chloe Ag (1), Mischa Co (1), Sam Em (1), Henry Fi (1), Holly Ma (1), George Sm (1), Harrison Sm (1) 

B Grade Medals (6 Gold, 3 Silver, 2 Bronze)
Medallists (5)
James Ro (2), Chloe Ag (1), Holly Ma (1), George Sm (1), Harrison Sm (1)

Silver Medallists (3)
Sam Em (1), Henry Fi (1), James Ro (1)

Bronze Medallists (2)
Christina Bl (1), Harrison Sm (1)

Another fantastic meet, one of the best this season.  Great Effort!!! 

Most of you are starting to get the idea of how to pace on the longer distance now.  For some of you it looks like your race plan is coming together as we are getting closer to the end of the season.  For those swimmers who achieved Yorkshire times it is now time to start chasing those NER qualifying times. 

Keep training insane or your times will remain the same! 

Some of you who were close to NER times may need to use the course converter below to see if your times from the weekend are under the qualifying standards when converted from short to long.

Results can be viewed by clicking the link below

'We can accomplish almost anything within our ability if we but think we can.'

The Regional Team 
Be right back

Winter Yorkshires 2017

Hi All,

The qualifying times are now out for the Winter Short Course Yorkshires.  Swimmers should aim to achieve as many qualifying times as possible before the closing date.

Age 12 & Under 
Saturday 30th September & Sunday 1st October 2017
John Charles

Age 13 & Over 
Saturday 21st October & Sunday 22nd October 2017
Ponds Forge

Good Luck

The Regional Team

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Important Safety Message - Training Schemes

Hi All,


Please note that we have had reports of men approaching the public in the Middleton Grove area.


Please can you ensure you are extra vigilant when dropping children off for swimming/ diving / synchronised swimming, not just on any early morning sessions but at any other time as well.


When moving around the facility always go in a group with the coach who will escort you back to the pool.


If you see anything suspicious please report this to a member of staff.


We want to keep everyone as safe as possible when coming to the centre so please take extra care!


The Regional Team

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Harrogate Spa Town Meet & Training Changes

Hi All,
Please see below the alterations to training over this weekend due to Competitions.
Regional Development

Thursday 6th April: Am - No Land Training (Start & Turn Practice until 06:45)
Friday 7th April - 19:00 - 20:00 (Just one hour - No Land Training)
Saturday 8th April - No Training (Squad competing at Harrogate Spa Town Meet)
Monday 10th April - No AM Training (All off to recover from the weekends competition)

Regional Performance
Thursday 6th April: Am - No Land Training (Start & Turn Practice until 06:45)
Friday 7th April - 19:00 - 20:00 (Just one hour)
Saturday 8th April - No Training (Squad competing at Harrogate Spa Town Meet)
Monday 10th April - No AM Training (All off to recover from the weekends competition)


Below are the arrival times for those swimmers competing this weekend at Harrogate


Harrogate Spa Town Meet

The draft programme can be viewed by clicking the following link:

Harrogate Draft Programme


Event Schedule


Saturday 8th April (Session 1)

Arrive: 12:00

Warm Up: 12:30

Start: 13:30

Saturday 8th April (Session 2)

Arrive: 16:30

Warm Up: 17:00

Start: 18:00

Sunday 9th April (Session 3)

Arrive: 09:30
Warm Up: 10:00
Start: 11:00

Sunday 9th April (Session 4)

Arrive: 13:30
Warm Up: 14:00
Start: 15:00

Good Luck to everyone competing.  



Any registered officials who are free and would like to help out please email and let them know of your availability over the weekend.


The Regional Team

Development Meet Success

Well done to those Regional swimmers who competed in the Development Gala on Saturday afternoon.  The squad achieved 26 PB's out of 30 Swims, 9 Gold Medals, 5 Silver Medals, 4 Bronze Medals, 1 Yorkshire Qualifying Time and 11 top 4th - 10th place finishes.

StarGold Medallists (3)Star
Arthur Fi (4), Gabrielle Id (4), Hannah Sm (1), 

Silver Medallists (4)
Ava Ra (2), Arthur Fi (1), Gabrielle Id (1), Emma Wo (1)

Bronze Medallists (3)
Ava Ra (2), Hannah Sm (1), Emma Wo (1), 

4th - 10th Place Finishes (4)
Hannah Sm (4th, 4th & 4th), Hannah Wo (4th, 5th & 9th), Darcey Cr (5th, 5th, 5th & 6th), Ava Ra (6th)

Results can be viewed by clicking the link below

Regional Development Updated PB's can be viewed by clicking the link below

Well Done!

The Regional Team


Some really good sprinting at the Yorkshire Sprints by the Regional Squads down at Sheffield and some amazing times.  You should all be very pleased with yourselves.  Three weekends of racing and all of them swum great, we are very proud of you all.  We are currently in a big block of training which will take us up to Harrogate and through to the NER's.  You may find some sessions tough, but this is aimed at getting you all into the best shape possible and race ready.  Train at 100% effort every session to give yourself the best possible chance of success in the upcoming competitions.  GET STUCK IN!!!

Regional Development
Overall as a group you achieved a whopping 45 PB's out of 54 Swims, 1 Bronze Medal and 4 Yorkshire final swims.

Bronze Medallists (1)
Jacob Gw (1)

Yorkshire Finalists 4th - 10th Place (3)
Joseph Le (4th), Kieran Ba (7th), Solomon Ho (9th)

Regional Performance
Overall as a group you achieved 89 PB's out of 124 Swims12 Yorkshire Final Swims, 1 Silver Medal and 6 more NER qualifying times.

Silver Medallists (1)
Joshua Su (1)

Yorkshire Finalists 4th - 10th Place (7)
Thomas Sp (4th & 4th), Elliott Wa (4th & 8th), Sam Em (6th), James Ro (6th & 6th), Zak St (7th), Charlotte Cl (9th & 9th), Dominic Ma (10th)

Results can be viewed by clicking the link below

A big thank you to all the parents for their support and getting behind each Leeds swimmer during the relays.  Your cheering and enthusiasm really helps get our swimmers going.  Well done to the relay medallists.

StarGold Medallists (2)Star
Boys 9 - 10 yrs Medley Team = City of Leeds A Team (Kourosh Kh, Jospeh Le, Hary Se, Theodore Ro)
Boys 9 - 10 yrs Freestyle Team = City of Leeds A Team (Kourosh Kh, Perry Le, Harry Se, Theodore Ro)
Girls 9 - 10 yrs Medley Team = City of Leeds A Team (Sophia Ke, Mischa Co, Anna As, Christina Bl)
Girls 9 - 10 yrs Freestyle Team = City of Leeds A Team (Mischa Co, Sophia Ke, Christina Bl, Anna As)

Silver Medallists (3)
Boys 9 - 10 yrs Medley Team = City of Leeds B Team (Oliver Br, Nathan Ra, Thomas Mi, Perry Le)
Boys 9 - 10 yrs Freestyle Team = City of Leeds B Team (Joseph Le, Lounas Ha, Mathan Ra, Thomas Mi)

Bronze Medallists (2)
Boys 11 - 12 yrs Freestyle Team = City of Leeds B Team (Joshua Su, Solomon Ho, Elliott Wa, Thomas Sp)
Girls 9 - 10 yrs Freestyle Team = City of Leeds B Team (Nell Wi, Amy Ro, Eve La, Ehea Sm)

"Go into the sport because you have fun doing it, not because of "what ifs" and dreams of gold medals.  That way, no matter what happens, you win."
Shannon Miller (American Gymnast, two time Olympic gold medallist (Atlanta 1996)).

Keep up the hard work in training and the results will show.  

The Regional Team Open-mouth smile

Regional Squad SMASH the Yorkshire Championships!

After two hard weekends of competing, Regional 1 & 2 performed outstandingly posting some fantastic times on the board.


Regional Development achieved 55 PB's out of 70 Swims, 1 Gold Medal, 9 Yorkshire Final Swims, 22 Top 10 finishes in Yorkshire and 1 NER Qualifying Time  Great Stuff! 

StarGold Medallists (1)Star
Jad (1), 

HDW 4th - 10th Places in Yorkshire (6)
Jacob Gw (6th, 6th & 6th), Solomon Ho (6th), Kourosh Kh (7th & 7th), Ashton De (7th, 9th, 9th & 10th), Joseph Le (8th & 8th), Jad Id (10th), 

Yorkshire Finalists 4th - 10th Places (7)
Solomon Ho (5th), Jacob Gw (6th & 10th), Ashton De (7th), Kourosh (7th), Harry Se (7th & 10th), Jad Id (8th), Joseph Le (9th)

Regional Performance achieved 85 PB's out of 123 Swims, 4 Bronze Medals and 7 Yorkshire Final Swims, 24 Top 10 finishes in Yorkshire and 10 more NER Qualifying Times. Well Done! 

Bronze Medallists (3)
Thomas Sp (2), James Ro (1), Elliott Wa (1), 

HDW 4th - 10th Places in Yorkshire (7)
Thomas Sp (4th, 5th & 5th), Rhys Ri (4th & 7th), Elliott Wa (5th, 6th, 6th & 9th), Joshua Su (5th, 7th & 8th), James Ro (7th, 7th & 7th), Henry Fi (8th), James Hu (10th)

Yorkshire Finalists 4th - 10th Places (5)
Thomas Sp (4th), Joshua Su (5th), Dominic Ma (6th & 8th), James Ro (7th & 7th), Sam Em (10th)

Results can be seen using the links below:

'Winning the gold medal was undoubtedly the biggest day of my career, mostly because I won the way I had prepared to run it.  It was a totally satisfying experience.'
(Frank Shorter.  American athlete, Olympic gold medalist, Munich 1972)

The Regional Team